Online Weekly Payment Certification - Teleserve
To request/certify for waiting period credit or a weekly payment, you must meet all eligibility requirements. Once you have filed your claim and are allowed benefits, every week thereafter you must request/certify for your payment. This payment system is used by individuals receiving unemployment insurance benefits who are claiming weekly benefits for the Sunday through Saturday of the prior week.

You can also use this system to request/certify for waiting period credit or a weekly payment while your claim is pending. You must request/certify for benefits weekly while your claim is in pending status. If you are allowed benefits your payments will be released by a claims representative and transferred into the payment method you chose when you filed your claim. If you are denied benefits and are appealing the decision, you must continue to request/certify for benefits weekly or you may not be entitled to those benefits.
If you returned to work since receiving your last payment or did not certify/request a payment for last week you must refile your claim. You cannot use Teleserve until you have refiled your claim.
**NEW** The online system now allows you to select your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is required to complete the weekly certification process. If you do not have a PIN, select a PIN now.
To begin, please identify your claim. All information is required.
Social Security Number Enter your 9-digit Social Security number; do not enter any dashes.
BYE Code Enter your two-digit BYE Code
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* A PIN is required to access your information via the online system. If you have not selected a PIN yet, select a PIN now. You must select a PIN before you can certify/request for your benefit payment online.
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