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To select a PIN, please enter the requried information to identify your claim. IMPORTANT: Your PIN cannot be the same four (4) digits (i.e. “0000” or “9999”), cannot match the last four (4) digits of your SSN, and we do not recommend that you use or your Date of Birth or phone number. If you are resetting your PIN because you forgot your security answers, you cannot reset it to the previously used value.
Remember, as the person assigned to the Social Security Number and PIN entered, it’s your responsibility to keep both the Social Security Number and PIN secure at all times. Also, you are solely responsible for all inaccurate or false information provided and will be held liable for all benefits paid using your PIN number.
* - Indicates a required field (All information requried):
* SSN: Enter your 9-digit Social Security number; do not enter any dashes.
* BYE Code: Enter your two-digit BYE Code
* Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy)
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*A PIN is required to access your information via the online system. You must select a PIN before you can certify/request for your benefit payment online.
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The Security Questions will be used to retrieve your PIN if needed:
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Security Answer 1:
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